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About Us

Katja and Miguel met in New York City and bonded over food and family. Katja's father is from Spain and mother from Puerto Rico; since she can remember food was a big part of her life.  She was even named after a restaurant which her father maitre'd at.  Miguel parents and Uncle Joe are from Puerto Rico, he learned to make traditional meals from them.

Katja’s was officially started in July of 2015, but the idea culminated over many years.  We started, like many others, for the Love of Food and good company.  It makes us proud to see the looks and smiles on the faces of all who have tried our food during gatherings.

In the end of 2013, our youngest daughter was nominated and accepted into the People to People Student Ambassadors Program, and was going to Alaska for 11 days.  The cost was high, so we told our daughter she had to earn it by fundraising.  We would use Katja’s cookies and Miguel’s Empanadas for the fundraising.  The fundraising was a success, my daughter raised more than enough to go on the trip and many people requested that we not stop even after my daughter’s trip. 

Realizing how hard it was to get authentic homemade Spanish and Puerto Rican cuisine in Chester County, the pair has set out to combine their backgrounds to create one of their favorite dishes - empanadas!